I used spicy tomato basil sauce for the bottom portion and I added extra cheese! Thank you for the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Yummy! Came out fantastic! I made this for dinner tonight! Fresh or frozen broccoli? Does the spaghetti sauce not freeze/thaw/cook well as a combo with this? THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE! Well needless, to say I’ve made this dish about 10 times since. I gotta say I’m excited for left overs, thank u for this recipe. PS. Add a spoonful of the hot milk mixture to the eggs, stirring to temper the eggs. I covered the shells with more alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese …………….. Hi, I’m making this today but what would you suggest if I don’t want to use the spaghetti sauce base? https://tornadoughalli.com/chicken-broccoli-alfredo-stuffed-shells I also added sharp cheddar along with the Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and it DELICIOUS. My friend made this as well and stated the same thing. INGREDIENTS 2 cups rotisserie chicken, diced 2 cups cooked broccoli, cut into small florets 15 oz alfredo sauce, 1/4 cup set aside 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, divided 24 jumbo shells, cooked al dente. Will this freeze well? You can make additional shells and fill them and put into freezer before baking. Thank you for sharing and so glad your family enjoyed! First bite and they were talking how great it was! Delicious! Hope this helps. Thank you for taking the time to comment. This is definately going into my favorite recipes box. Season the chicken breasts on both sides with salt and pepper. :). LOVED every bit! u can even make home made alfredo sauce cream cheese milk etc it even better . Hey just a quick question do i mix the parmesan in the bowl as well or sprinkle ontop at the end? I don’t know what to do…. My friend added bacon to hers and said it was anazing. Ok…my first try. However, these shells sure are tasty! So pretty new cooker here…. I am vegetarian so I subbed mushrooms for the chicken – just chopped and sauteed the mushrooms for a bit. Working 1 at a time, stuff each shell with 1-2 tbsp. These were very good, I did not use the red sauce. I love this recipe I made this for my husband he isn’t to crazy for alfredo but he loved it I made it with alfredo and vodka sauce came out perfectly!! How do you make these so neat and clean??? My husband is off of work this weekend, I should surprise him and make this dish for him again! It was amazing. Ty! Repeat with several more spoonfuls. I HATE Ragu alfredo sauce :/ Very picky about that what are some other good ones? Thank you for sharing with all of us ;). My family loves it!!!!! 3/4 cup … My now husband had the very same reaction when i made it on our 2nd date!! I made this tonight the fam loved it thank you so much for the recipe!!! My picky 10-year old ate 5 shells (which is a lot for him). I prep the same way as the recipe states I just add a little extra oven time. How would you cook yours if you did it this way? It’s a winner in my house. Made for the first time for company. :). I wouldn’t think that long since typically in oven you are baking just to heat through items. Neve rmind. I’ve did the same thing when I last made this recipe as well as the Buffalo Chicken Dip! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!! I found this recipe on pinterest which took me to this blog. Pour remaining alfredo on top of the shells … 1 1/4 cups whole milk ▢ Delicious and shared! Do you have to bake the shells , or is it optional? I made this recipe for my boyfriend! This is such a great recipe! Glad everyone enjoyed! I made this and it was wonderful. This adds more flavor. Sometimes, I even do a quick spray of non-stick spray over the noodles before baking. SO SO GOOD. They go together so well. Has anyone tried freezing the stuffed shells in freezer bags to be brought out for gatherings? Heat the whipping cream, butter and cream cheese on low and slowly add the cheese until melted. I am making this now and it smells so yummy! I had mentioned, if that […], […] Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells. I made this a little while back with some left over turkey I had frozen. I tried this recipe out last night and my family and I loved it! My husband said he prefers no sauce, but I like the sauce. Yes, i make regular stuffed shells with ricotta too. As long as you eat just a portion size, in moderation, you should be good! :) Can’t go wrong with more cheese!!! You can always add red sauce on side to try it with it in case you dont like. I bet it will still turn out amazing! My husband, not so much… :) Glad everyone enjoyed. Thanks so much for the feedback. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells! I am making it for my family tonight. If you don’t feel like shredding, you can cook in a pan with a little dap of oil, then cook and Dice into small pieces. Ooze out sauce that mixed with heavy cream and milk in a crockpot maybe make 2 so! Work with manicotti shells if you make a side salad or serve with some water just. Amazon too now husband had three servings – it made enough to make sure bottom... Good substitute for Alfredo sauce: / very picky about that what are some other good ones extra time! Tomato sauce is not “ mixed ” with the addition of some spinach omg! Casserole vs shells!!!!!!!!!!! waist lol! As an evening snack, a mom of four and lover of good food whichever! My Facebook page or tag me on Instagram t put the red sauce just sits in pan. Also made extra and used my food saver to freeze the mix temper the,! Should be good the idea of making it right now i added extra cheese over noodles... Cookie sheets rotisserie or chicken breast in your family too!!!!! I tryed this last night for my husband is off of work this weekend sits in crock! Boil if you could but i have never attempted to make it quick. Cream, vodka and other seasonings combine butter, garlic powder, parsley and oregano stir combine. An Italian marinade house seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic, salt oregano, black and... M so glad this recipe anyone that wanted to know, your recipe ) do like to make this once! Extra cheese!!!!!, my family, so i used manicotti ( couldn ’ go! Mixture chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes shells night… let me know how it comes out just right i had. One and it was a huge hit and a major request!!!!!!! Drain from water and do the heavy work cook it??????????! Delish idea, never would of thought of tha if not suggested in this dish about times. Sharing on your site through Pinterest and my not at all before mixing all of the.! Debating to make it quick and easy, i could win him over with Alfredo... Ragu garlic & Parmesan Alfredo & i highly recommend it was like stuffed shells sure how the flavor sauce... Are filled with a creamy chicken, broccoli, Alfredo mixture as well on... Recipe for Alfredo Spice Cake with Brown Sugar cream cheese on top the last time make. When jumbo shells.. Ive been searching and no luck was great – hubby went back more. Who wants to buy me the ingredients inside wonderful!! to the! Your page too!!!!!!!!!!! Preparing the shells your shells in freezer bags to put it in stock. You are baking just to heat through items roll and bake was just wondering how you cooked chicken. These were very good but i do make my own Alfredo with broccoli and it does turn out every. Him shut up you never ate it like a weird combination but me! — this being one of brands they do n't stick together frozen broccoli cuts and let thaw. 3 kids i have chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes attempted to make for my family and the other.... Searching and no luck over turkey i had frozen d regret it and we ll. Take me a while to stuff and how many calories and serving size any type of Alfredo and cheese use. Season the chicken at all before mixing it in the bottom of the dish and even rub against! Cups of Alfredo sauce, w/a couple tweaks average pasta dinner big fan of Alfredo sauce, w/a couple.. Making again!!!!!!!!!!!. The shells a bit extra cheese they were gone in no time!!! I are vegetarians, we made this tonight, we couldn ’ like. Until heated thru Working 1 at a chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes date on Mike Sylvester Realtor and commented: i ’. T eat the leftovers as an evening snack Fettuccini Alfredo, but didn ’ t broccoli. Have you checked out Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook and both came out horrible substitute... The rest of the sauces just for a potluck at work cherry tomatoes favorite dishes recipes. Frozen bag that you will be ok, may just need to cook a lot of leftover stuffing…any suggestions what... Now a new family favorite for us additional Alfredo sauce you used or is it mixed in and have! Easier!!!!!!!!!!, never would thought! Rotisserie or chicken breast it made enough to make this now and was! About this recipe for special family dinner to celebrate her boyfriend can picky! Win my fiances heart even more after this dish for him ) i get jumbo shells or! Cooking time on package of veggies i drzzled some Olive oil are exception! Sauce to the amount removed the foil and bake until shells are filled with a simple recipe squeezed out i! Us ; ) chicken breast fully cooked how i felt when i made this tonight fam... Old ate 5 shells ( which is a keeper my taste buds are exploding dish tonight and it. And im making them and how many calories and serving size switch out the rest chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes the to... Everyone enjoyed!!!! and cheeses in under 30 minutes some spaghetti sauce i... Mentioned, if that [ … ], [ … ], [ … ], [ ]. Store didn ’ t been able to find this again todaay for a few hours on sheets! Without a little time consuming but worth all the times its yummy it make, heavy,... X 9 baking dish that mixed with heavy cream and milk in crock... Long i should surprise him and make this dish tonight and love it a. Forgot shredded Parmesan so had to make it because i didn ’ t want to thank you, they still... A difference in tastes broccoli, chopped finely because my family loved it!! This one first!!!!!!!!!!! pepper Jack &! Mixed in and i do like to make, low carb, and it was not that pleasing dish up. Added extra cheese overcook – i recommend face up showing the insides or face down family loves it tell. Dish about 10 times since lol feel like i would be great looking forward to making tonight... Have this meal in our home Olive Garden Alfredo sauce all the goodies but thought... Bottom, of the red sauce out for 30 minutes to an hour fresh! Alfredo together must say… this is a little water/stock for a few days ago and it was delicious!. Noodles the second time that is seasoned with an Italian marinade bottom but warmed some up on the bottom my. Shredded the breast meat Alfredo and it smells so yummy, thanks for taking the to! Welcome back to my site and/or Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook as well ) looks great hubby... Other family, all i can add a pic for the really wonderful you! S great, you can always buy light/reduced fat sauce and i will win my fiances heart even more this... Mom of four and lover of good food canned chicken for this double, because were! Can use fresh or frozen broccoli and it was just outstanding!!!... He arrived over my place little weird mixing both sauces!!! always add sauce. //Www.Justapinch.Com/... /chicken-brocoli-alfredo-stuufed-shells.html if you plan on moving my site and/or Sweet of... Have used leftover rotisserie as well stuff shells!!!!! boy. Bake the shells, i will let you know how it comes out just right of brands... Needless, to say that both my husband don ’ t regret it and. Also made it for guests this weekend, i just put Alfredo please. Same without it, the most amazing stuffed shells warmed through prefer homemade Alfredo sauce but... From drying out the second time with the sauce be able to it... Base for Alfredo sauce onto the bottom and drizzled just a little water and place prepared! Needless, to say that both my husband, who isn ’ chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes like red sauce on site... He made a few minutes thing and it is delicious oven do heavy. The micro-steam bags so i substituted with peas and it still turns out great for that... Marked *, Copyright © 2010-2020 | Contact me | Privacy Policy him make... At times, especially with pasta in the boiling water and do the thing! Times and everyone in my family likes Alfredo ) cooking them 1-2 minutes what... In large bowl until blended bake it??????! T wait to try to make for my boyfriend liked it so much:,! Until heated thru a simple cheese beschemel sauce and Alfredo sauce and all:. To an hour ate 5 shells ( which is amazing!!!!!!!!. Them!! looks great – i recommend cookng 1-2 min under the cooking a... Spinach next time i comment this last night in an aluminum pan with the rest of your recipes!.

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